Benefits of Property Maintenance

By Tami Salcido on Apr 24, 2024 at 06:40 PM in Articles


To define property maintenance is to be proactive in the prevention of serious consequences. It is best defined as reactive maintenance, or the preventive action taken to keep a property fully functional and operating in its best condition.

As a Property Manager responsible for the homes under my care, maintaining a home includes a wide range of responsibilities and requests. For example, I respond to a tenant’s maintenance requests, safety inspections, maintaining landscaping, servicing, and repairing appliances, HVAC systems, pest control, and cleaning or painting common areas. Failure to properly maintain a property can result in serious consequences, therefore it is extremely important to stay on top of any potential issues.

The benefits of property maintenance include happy tenants, increased property value, reduction of equipment failure and breakdown, and avoidance of liabilities. As a Property Manager, I have an extensive list of experienced technicians and facility contractors that I trust and rely on for their expertise, and who are available at any time. I also have an excellent team of custodians. I oversee and maintain the property’s assets, utilities, tenants, and more. The property expenses are paid and tracked so you always know how your property is performing and that the property is in optimal condition for your tenants to want to live in and stay in.

As your Property Manager, I am your team with years of experience and knowledge. I am your ears and eyes and am familiar with the specific property’s needs. I streamline communications between you and the property facility teams. Any high-priority and emergency issues are promptly handled. I eliminate your pressure by finding qualified tenants and overseeing the tenants and property maintenance issues. 

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