Property Owners – Do you Pre…

By Nancy Kaller on Jun 16, 2021 at 06:54 PM in Articles
Property Owners – Do you Pre…

Property Owners – Do you Pre…

Prescreen your tenants? Your time is valuable, yes! Save potential time, money, and mistakes by asking a few questions to help get you the ideal resident.

Before arranging a showing or setting that appointment, first, try and determine if the resident is right for you and your property.

Talk about your property details
For example, how many bedrooms & bathrooms, confirm the location, discuss any parking situations, i.e., carport, garage, street parking, discuss any appliances and/or furniture that are included. 

Discuss your qualifications
Does your resident have good references including from a prior landlord or a prior management company? Inquire about their credit score? Inquire about who will be living in your home. This would be a good time to mention the total amount of money the resident would need to have should they sign the lease agreement, i.e., the first month’s rent, security deposit, utilities, etc. 

Know what questions you cannot legally ask your resident. Refer to the Federal Fair Housing Act and do your homework.  

Schedule your appointments
As a seasoned Property Manager, I know time is valuable to both myself and my potential residents. I set my appointments up about an hour apart from each other. Leaving ample time for the potential residents to walk about the property, discuss amongst themself and answer any questions they might have. 

Save time, money and alleviate any mistakes by letting Ultimate Property Management manage and care for your property!

We understand that our work is your life, your dreams and we will deliver only excellence and aim to exceed your expectations. We pledge to manage your residence with care and diligence!
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Join us and see how we can make everything easier for you.

  • We cherish our partner property owners and our residents alike.
  • We always do what we promise.
  • Having enough headaches with your rental property?
  • Finding residents?
  • Collecting Rents?
  • Repairs and Maintenance?

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  • After Hours Emergency Phone: (805) 618.5226
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