Steps to Create a Photo Display

By Nancy Kaller on Dec 16, 2021 at 08:33 PM in Articles
Steps to Create a Photo Display

Throughout the year when we celebrate holidays or entertain, we share photos with family and friends who are important in our lives. It’s a fun, exciting time, but you have more choices than ever of ways to celebrate and share, all year round and we can build it for you. 

If you want a photo wall or want to leverage home automation with projectors, screens, digital displays, or a media room, there are choices to make, both in terms of finishes, location, electrical sockets, lighting, and more.  There are pros and cons with each. For example, a photo wall allows for eye-level display and an artistic flair, but it is not easy to switch out as new cherished moments come your way.

Steps to Create a Photo Display

1.     This might seem obvious but take many photos because you often don’t know which photos you want to display until you’re looking at them and it’s too late to go back and take more photos. Get both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) so you can decide later which ones capture your stories best. Digital photos are quick, easy, and essentially free, so click away!

2.     Next, pick your location(s) and decide how you want to layout your photos. Before deciding on the size of your photos, consider where people will be standing when looking at the photos.

3.     Next, pick a strategy for your picture frames. Do you want them all made from the same material, e.g., wood? The same color? or maybe an eclectic mix of new and old (antique) frames that you’ve been collecting and were never sure how to use.

4.     Once you’ve collected your frames lay them out on a table, or the floor works well and comes closer to the distance you’ll have when the frames are on the wall. It’s now time to audition your favorite photos in each frame and yes, you’ll need some imagination as these photos won’t be the correct size yet.

5.     Now you’re ready to print your photos in the correct size. It’s okay to remove the mat or make it bigger/smaller for the photo size you decide you want.

6.     Finally, insert your photos in their frames and hang them on the wallStep back and admire your work!

7.      If measuring, hanging, nailing, and leveling are not your thing, leave it to the professional. It can be part of a new home or a renovation. 

Here are some photo walls to inspire you, For example, the photo wall in the upper left has hooks for jackets and backpacks. The photo wall over a bed (lower right) includes a sports banner to compliment the photos.

Steps to Create a Photo Display

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