Stop the Clutter

By Tami Salcido on Jan 18, 2023 at 04:24 PM in Articles
Stop the Clutter

Declutter: It can be a daunting task, and it’s hard to know where to start. So, let’s get started… turn on your favorite music and take back your home and begin to declutter it. 

Paper piles. Now this one is a biggie for me as there are all sorts of papers coming into the house. Start by putting the incoming mail into a tray, or a box; basically, anything that will hold the mail, so it doesn’t get misplaced or lost. You don’t need to buy anything, simply look around the house and see what will work. It’s important to keep it in the same spot and make it visible & convenient. I keep mine near the paper shredder & trash can, so it’s easy for me to rip off my personal information, shred it, and toss the rest in the trash can. 

Clothes. Are your dresser drawers crammed full? I dreaded putting the clean laundry away because it was a chore getting them to fit and be somewhat organized. Save yourself the frustration and set aside just a bit of time to tackle one drawer at a time (or if time permits do them all), and discard those clothes that are worn out, don’t fit or the elastic is damaged. It’s a great feeling to get this done and you might be surprised by how quickly the job gets completed! Now, repeat for your closets and get your space back! Remember to drop off the items at a donation center. 

Pantry.  As you are preparing your weekly grocery list, organize and situate your pantry.  It takes just a bit of time and helps in making the most of your meal planning and keeps your pantry from becoming over-packed and having expired food.  

Medicine Cabinet. Cleaning out your medicine cabinet usually doesn’t take too long and gives you a good idea of what medicines have expired that will need to be replaced. It’s also a good time to remove everything and clean the shelves. As a reminder, check the FDA recommendations for proper medicine disposal as tossing them in the sink or trash could be harmful.

Counter Clutter. There always seems to be something on the counter, dining table, or coffee/end tables. It can be little things such as keys or pens & paper, or larger items such as a purse or backpack, etc. See how you want to organize these items with perhaps some hooks, a basket, or a desk organizer where items can be dropped in and keep the counter looking free of clutter.  

Bookshelves. This one is easy and hard at the same time. If you are like me, you love your books and have paid good money for them, it is difficult to not have them. But I know I usually don’t go back and read them again, so when I start to declutter the bookshelves I keep the best books, the most talked about books, that I could read to my grandchildren someday, and then give the other books to friends, family, the library, or a charity. 

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